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Welcome to Adam Mednick Golf.


(This website is under construction, Please be patient.)


This page aimes to please those who are interested in experiencing the game at a "higher" level.

It doesn't matter if you are a golfer "wanna be", Pro or Amateur, we all share the same passion, Golf.


My goal is to share my past experiences, the present and of course my future plans.


My own game is on hold at the moment, but I'm currently involved in some interesting projects with Pierre Fulke Design.

I'm also evolving my teaching, where I'm packaging

"Flow Motion Golf", my take on the different aspects of the great game of Golf.


I am teaching out of Falsterbo GK in southern Sweden, where

Mr. David Leet is The Head Pro.


Last but not least, the games highest dimension; Hickory Golf. After finishing my career as a Tour Player, I rediscovered the JOY of the game as a Hickory player.


I will be arranging Hickory events later this summer and hopefully 1-2 trips to Scotland and Ireland in the fall.


If you have any questions or want to book a lesson/playing lesson, please feel free to contact me at:

or mobile number: +46 708 584010.


Keep it simple and have fun !


Sincerely, Adam







Our son, Tom Gustav,

was born on February 24th.

What a great experience,

he's amazing.


November 03



November 03